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COVID-19 Reporting Requirements

HOLDER UPLOAD! - To report electronically! 

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  • Negative reports are NOT required.  If you have nothing to report, there is nothing to do!
  • INTEREST BEARING ACCOUNTS - If the account you are reporting is interest-bearing, you must report the interest rate!
  • Requests for an extension of time to file must be received no later than 10/31/2019
  • NAICS Lookup Tool
  • Holder Upload Portal

  • For items $100 and greater in value, the law requires that written notice be sent by first class mail to the owner’s last known address on the holder's records. The notice must:

    • inform them that their property is in jeopardy of being reported to the state as unclaimed

    • provide them with the opportunity to contact you regarding the property before it is reported

    • be mailed at least 60 days prior to reporting.

    Penalties for the failure to perform due diligence are specified in §55.1-2540. The fine, not to exceed $50, is applied to each account upon which due diligence was not performed.

  • Must be delivered according to our instructions at the same time you report.

  • NEW account information!  DTC # 901, Agent Bank # 26500, ACCOUNT # 822476

  • NEW e-mail address -

  • Mutual Funds - Register Mutual Funds:

    MAC & CO, FBO Commonwealth of Virginia, Mutual Fund Operation
    500 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15258  Account # 822476  FEIN 23-6019000

  • Your property must be pre-approved prior to remitting to the Commonwealth.
  • Instructions for Tangible Property Reporting
  • You may now report your tangible property via electronic format (via upload of a NAUPA file), provided you have arranged a delivery date with the Tangible Property Supervisor, Trey Wood.  Contact him at 804-225-3170 for details.  Tangible property reports must continue to be performed separately from intangible reports!

Over 75% of holders report electronically, and more are doing so every day!  Don't get left behind.  Learn how to perform this task electronically!

If you receive an e-mail response indicating you have errors in your file, here are instructions on how to view the errors.

Virginia will accept property due to another state with the following limitations:

  • no more than 9 items for any given state
  • no more than $1000 for any given state ($500 for Arkansas)
  • California has opted out of the reciprocal report process
  • These limits also apply if you want to report property due to Virginia through your home state.

Report Deadlines:

  • November 1st for corporations, public entities, etc.
  • May 1st for insurance companies

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To understand how to Report, Go to the Reporting Process page! 

 Explore our Holder Training and Special Notices to learn more about Reporting!

 Additional Resources places a variety of tools at your fingertips!

As always, you can contact the Manager of the Records and Receipts Unit, William H. Dadmun by emailing or calling (804) 225-2547.